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GlamBox paid a visit to ILLUMIN8 Media Makeup Studio located in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai. ILLUMIN8’s sleek studio is designed for makeup and hair training. With 12 years international experience as a makeup artist, Kate Goodwin has founded ILLUMIN8 to pass on her passion, enthusiasm and skills to others. She and her team offer a first-class education to those wanting to start a career in the industry.

IILLUMIN8 runs personal classes and private lessons to teach individuals who want to learn to look their best in applying professional day or night makeup. The first venture of its kind in the UAE

Book your place for the next workshop!

Call: +97150 872 8374 or email:

Stay Glamorous! 

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Tutorial.

After a few weeks of using your makeup brushes, your face’s natural oil, makeup, and dust will start to build up. Cleaning the brushes from time to time as I’ll show you in this video, keeps all that grime from getting transferred to your face, and it also makes the brush bristles softer and more effective.

Watch the video to learn how you can clean your makeup brushes with easy steps!

GlamBox.Me Makeup Brushes - The September 2014 GlamBox

This month we’ve sent our Glamistas a Glambox brush, you’ll get one of these: The Glambox Foundation brush, it’s a flat brush that is used to blend in foundation, then there is the Glambox Stippling Brush used to blend blusher or foundation distribution and to give an air-brushed finish and last but not least we have the Glambox Retractable Brush, which means you can powder on the go or touch up throughout the day!

We hope you enjoy using Glambox tools. Stay Glamorous!

Olay White Radiance - The September 2014 GlamBox

This month we’ve got OLAY White Radiance has anti-yellowing properties that re-create the balance of skin tone and give you water-like fair skin. The natural whitening ingredients in White Radiance penetrate deep into your skin changing your skin tone from the inside out.

Its Triple Efficacy Whitening Formula containing Vitamin B3, Mulberry extract and Vitamin C is the natural way to beautiful, translucent skin.

Enjoy your OLAY White Radiance and Stay Glamorous!

Sunsilk Dry Shampoo - The September 2014 GlamBox

The first highlight of this September’s GlamBox is an amazing full size product from Sunsilk, the Sunsilk Dry Shampoo!

It absorbs excess oil and grease to keep hair oil free, fresh, and beautiful between washes. It can also be used prior to styling to give excess volume, and does not leave any white residue.

Super easy to use! 

Shake well, partition the hair, spray on roots, massage, and brush and enjoy oil free voluminous beautiful hair.

Enjoy your Sunsilk Dry Shampoo and Stay Glamorous!

The September GlamBox 

This month our guest beauty expert is blogger Liouaa from the Liouaa takes you through the highlighted products featured in our September 2014 GlamBox.

SteriKare Blotting Paper - The August 2014 GlamBox

Our final product from the August GlamBox is the beauty saviour of the summer! Don’t you just hate it when you get that oily skin throughout the day in the summer no matter how much powder you put on in the morning?! Well this perfect handbag rescue remedy is exactly what you need to keep you looking flawless all day. Blot on your face to remove grease and shine but not make up and stay looking gorgeous all day. 

Let us know your summer beauty rescues and stay glamorous!

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