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SteriKare Blotting Paper - The August 2014 GlamBox

Our final product from the August GlamBox is the beauty saviour of the summer! Don’t you just hate it when you get that oily skin throughout the day in the summer no matter how much powder you put on in the morning?! Well this perfect handbag rescue remedy is exactly what you need to keep you looking flawless all day. Blot on your face to remove grease and shine but not make up and stay looking gorgeous all day. 

Let us know your summer beauty rescues and stay glamorous!

NCLA Nail Wraps - The August 2014 GlamBox

Beauty, Fashion and California, NCLA takes nails from the beauty realms to the fashion universe and makes them a true fashion accessory. 

What we love the most about NCLA is they really are the busy girl’s quick fix from drab to fab as you step out the door. No need to wait for your polish to dry and no worries about a chipped manicure. 

All you need is a clear nail polish over clean nails, then apply your nail wraps to each nail, filing down to fit your nails and then securing with a top coat of clear polish just to seal to nail and there you go. Glam on the Go!
Show us all your NCLA manicures and Stay Glamorous!

FA Deodorant - The August 2014 GlamBox

A true beauty essential is the third product in our beauty dilemma August box. The FA deodorant will keep you feeling and smelling fresh on the go with its 48 hour protection. It has a long lasting freshness, will not stain your clothes, and is dermatological tested so it really will protect your skin.

Stay fresh, stay tuned and stay glamorous

Bioderma Sunscreen - The August 2014 GlamBox

Our second beauty savior in the August GlamBox is from one of our very loved and trusted brands, the Bioderma Sunscreen. Because the heat is blistering during this month we need to protect our skin from the sun before the damage can happen. Remember prevention is better than cure and protecting your skin from the sun means protecting it from aging and skin damage.

We have 2 of these wonderful sunscreens from Bioderma, you will receive either an SPF 50 or the SPF 100.

Apply all over about 20 minutes before heading out into the sun.

Stay tuned and Stay Glamorous ladies!

Derma Eco Cleansing Gel - The August 2014 GlamBox

Our first product to save our summer beauty dilemmas is the Derma Eco Cleanisng Gel. During the hot and sticky summer we need to ensure our pores are keep clear and clean. This mild cleansing product gently removes make up and other impurities. 

It’s based on pure, natural and organic ingredients so it leaves the skin feeling soft and balanced. As it contains no perfume or parabens it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin as it minimizes the risk of allergies and hypersensitive reactions.

What’s great about this brand is it certfies by Ecocert meaning it’s recognized as organic and also carries the Nordic Ecolabel and the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association.

Apply this product to your face and then remove by rinsing thoroughly with warm water.

Stay tuned and Stay Glamorous!

Meet the Brand: Derma Eco

Derma products are made in Denmark by the Danish skin care company DermaPharm A/S. For more than 35 years, DermaPharm has developed, produced and set the standard for gentle and skin-friendly body care products. Today, DermaPharm is the innovative market leader of certified products within the organic and allergy-friendly skin care segment.

Derma is based on the expertise that DermaPharm has acquired as a supplier for the hospital and health care sector and meets the highest standards for quality, health and environmentally-friendly products.

Derma is not only about avoiding potentially harmful substances in skin care. Derma is also a brand with a higher purpose: ‘Our aim is to also eliminate unnecessary chemicals in the environment that surrounds us.

Why? Because one in four people will develop an allergy in some point in their life.

At Derma, we are making an effort to change this. By creating a range of skin care products with no perfumes, no parabens and no dyes.

Of course, this does not make Derma products less effective. The challenge is to develop personal skin care products that are still “doing their job”. In other words, all the ingredients in Derma products have a function. And the products themselves are enjoyable to use. This is an important part of our philosophy.

Our mission is to always be one step ahead when it comes to research and development of new, reliable and allergy-friendly products - at affordable prices.

Our attitude towards the future involves making conscious choices which will have a long-term effect. Choices involving the body, the next generation and the environment.’

 For more information, log on to

The August Beauty First Aid GlamBox

This month our guest beauty expert is blogger Liouaa from the Liouaa takes  you through our beauty rescue remedies for the summer featured in our August 2014 GlamBox.

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