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Summer Glow - Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle 

A lovely little addition to add to your ‘Summer Glow’ is this soft and sensual fragrance by Lacoste. The Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle captures the natural intensity of soft floral notes like a warm summer evening. It has top notes of Blackcurrant and fig, accompanied by Turkish rose, Sweet Pea and Patchouli and Amber. Like a smooth summer breeze caressing the sun, this scent is perfect for summer days.

Stay Glamorous.

Summer Glow - Max Factor

It’s time to get glamorous! A brand new, full sized, product from Maxfactor, the excess extreme impact mascara. Yes that’s right ladies more make up! This mascara has a volumising base to create thicker looking lashes. With a jet black formula your lashes are intensified with no clumping! Start by applying the lash plumping base coat that contains volumising spheres and black pigment. Then take it up a level and intensify with the black laquer top coat for an extreme look. The intense darkness lasts all day and night, seals in volume for all-day impact and gives you excessively thick lashes And best of all, it’s easily removed with an oil based eye makeup remover. Pair with the Maxfactor Excess Intensity Longwear Eyeliners.

Stay tuned for the final videos in getting your Summer Glow. Stay Glamorous.

Summer Glow - Olay Face Mask

After a cheeky siesta the second product we have from Olay is the full sized Total Effects Stretch-N-Fit Cloth Mask. These masks are infused with concentrated anti-aging ingredients to help the skin’s natural moisture barrier, leaving skin feeling instantly moisturised and hydrated for up to 24 hours. There are 7 powerful benefits from these masks, Line Minimizing, Nourishing moisturisation, Toning, Gentle Exfoliation, Pore reduction, Brightening and Spot minimization.

Apply the mask over your face on clean skin and stretch to fit your face and use weekly as part of your pampering routine.

Don’t forget to watch the next video to get your Summer Glow and Stay Glamorous.

The Summer Glow - Pantene

Step two to your Summer Glow is from Pantene. Perfect for the hot summer season and after a long day on the beach, this hair rescue treatment helps strengthen damaged hair in only 1 minute! The super concentrated formula works on all hair types, even coloured hair, when used to smooth, moisturise and restore healthy looking hair. After shampooing, apply 1 ampoule to wet hair and work evenly through hair. Pay special attention to the ends, where repair is needed the most. Leave on for 60 seconds and rinse thoroughly. Repeat every 2 3 days when hair is feeling parched and damaged. For expert split end care, try advanced keratin repair split end fuser.

Check out step 3 to your Summer Glow in our next video and Stay Glamorous!

The Summer Glow - Olay 

This month for the ultimate ‘Summer Glow’ we’re going to start our beauty routine with the Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex which helps to fight the look of wrinkles and fine lines – ladies remember prevention is better than cure so start now with your anti-wrinkle and anti-aging routines!

This product combines Olay moisture with advanced mirco filler powders to smooth out the skin’s surface. The formula, biopeptide and B3 complex, hydrates the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles over time. Use this daily on cleansed skin.

Check out our next video for step two to your Summer Glow. Stay Glamorous!  

صندوق جلامبوكس في يوليو ٢٠١٤

مدونة التجميل و مقدمة جلامبوكس منة تتحدث عن محتويات جلامبوكس في هذا الشهر. ما هي الماركة أو المستحضر المفضل لديكم في هذا الصندوق؟

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